High-Altitude Balloon Launch!

MintHillWeather.com neighbor Dave Walton (KK4PFI) launched a high-altitude balloon today at 9:20am on March 30, 2013.

Congratulations on a beautiful launch and recovery!

The Walton experiment ascended to an altitude of nearly 100,000 ft and traveled east-southeast down range ~99 miles. After the balloon burst, the payload parachuted back to Earth touching down on a farm 2 hours and 27 minutes after launch (11:47am).

The experiment was tracked via the amateur radio APRS network, ham radio’s forerunner to the Internet. The payload transmitted a data burst once per minute to provide its GPS-based location and altitude.

Video:  Part 1 (launch @ 09:22) ~ Part 2 (chips explode @ 01:00) ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 (balloon bursts @ 00:27)

The balloon overflew our neighborhood and headed southeast close to the South Carolina state line.

Payload recovered!

…down on a farm!

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